Images of Norsk by MJ Koza
Dexter's is a long term project to create a unique ski center in Sunapee, NH. The skiing is great!
Old Norsk Pictures

Norsk Cross Country became widely know as a touring center, which operated in New Hampshire for 29 years. We closed those trails and today the cross country side of our operation has become a consulting and design business. We are working for businesses and individuals helping them design and build recreational trails of all sorts; most having Nordic skiing as their focus. Our sadness at closing our trails has led to a new and more exciting venture that dovetails perfectly with our summer landscaping business. My many years of skiing and my many varied jobs in the ski business have given me a unique perspective on the industry, and a great deal of knowledge to draw on when taking on new projects.

There is a difference between a trail that is planned and built well, and a path that is just cut through the woods. The difference is evident when you see what we have done with many of our projects. Given numerous variables we strive to create what our patrons want, and we have been happy with the out come. If your goal is to ski out your back door, to create a trail based business, re-configure existing trails, drive more business to your Inn, or to have a trail for health and recreation at your company; we can help.

Cross Country Skiing is a fantastic activity. There are many different types of cross country skiing. They all have the common link of being done on skis that allow the skiers heel to lift up while the toe or forefoot is held fast to the ski. It is said that with the right tool you can do anything. Cross Country Skis, boots, and bindings come in many different sizes and shapes, and with the right setup, you can ski on just about anything that has snow on it. Telemarking, skating, classic, backcountry, touring, racing, marathons, sprints; there are lots of variations to this sport.

Dexter's Inn Trails by Norsk XC opened in December 2006. Moe and John Chiarella, have built a new and unique ski center on the the grounds of the Inn and the surrounding conservation land. The ski operation is owned by Dexter's Inn, and staffed by Norsk. The trails are for classical skiing only, and reminiscent of an earlier time. We call them advanced single track. Intimate trails that are well graded and drained, yet are groomed to a modern standard. We think this is the most unique ski center around. There is food and lodging on site, which receive rave reviews. The Inn has wonderful spaces for relaxing that are open to the public, and the views of Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee are spectacular. This is a must see ski experience.